Bridgestone is to supply asymmetric tyres for this year's US Grand Prix, after a spate of accidents during last year's weekend's event at Laguna Seca.

Chris Vermeulen, Colin Edwards, Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo - who took pole, despite finishing the qualifying session in the back of an ambulance - were among those who suffered big highside accidents during the 2009 race weekend, which they attributed to the right-hand side of the tyre being too cold.

"After listening to comments from last year, we have selected asymmetric rear tyres for this season which I believe will help increase the safety for riders and improve the show," said Hiroshi Yamada, manager of Bridgestone's Motorsport Department.

The asymmetric rear slicks comprise a harder compound in the left shoulder, for durability and stability at high temperature, and a softer compound in the right shoulder, for improved warm-up performance.

This softer right shoulder will be particularly beneficial through turns three, four and ten, the circuit's main right-handed corners.

"Last year we saw some crashes through turn ten during qualifying and we spoke at length with the riders, listened carefully to what they had to say and deeply analysed the situation, and as a result we have selected asymmetric rear tyres for this year to give the riders more confidence and better grip through the right-handers," stated tyre development manager Tohru Ubukata.

"The softer right shoulder has a wider temperature operating range and better warm-up, so I am feeling confident about tyre performance."

First practice for the 2010 US Grand Prix takes place on Friday.