This is the moment (see below for further pics) that Marc Marquez was hit from behind by a fallen Randy Krummenacher at turn one of last Sunday's Aragon 125cc Grand Prix, costing him the world championship lead.

"We were having a good weekend, keeping calm and we were well aware of how important it was to get as many points as possible. We have always been very cautious but along came Krummenacher, far too fast I think and he took me out," said Marquez, who has won six races this year and had qualified on pole in front of his home fans at Aragon.

"A shame; all of the work done ruined by a rider who hardly touched the brake as he reached the end of the straight. We had a quite long first gear, so we knew that we could lose a few metres at the start but I felt quite comfortable with that setup. But in the end, it was useless, a weekend ruined by Krummenacher."

Marquez is now third in the championship - eleven points behind Nico Terol and five points from Aragon winner Pol Espargaro - with five rounds to go.

"All things considered, Espargaro's win means that, together with Terol, the three of us are very close in the overall standings. Now, we have no alternative but to think about Japan, about our next challenge," said Marquez.

Krummenacher, who thinks he may have been tagged from behind heading into turn one, rejoined the race but was later black flagged by race direction.

"There is not much to say. I am very, very sorry for Marc and his team," said Randy. "I apologised to them immediately after my race was finished. I crashed into turn one and I still don't know exactly how it happened. Maybe I was hit from behind though. Certainly it was not my intention to take Marc out of the race.

"Although my start was good and even under braking into the corner everything was good - until that point where room was still left for me, because the guys in front of me closed the door and I had to ride inside the curbs. At this moment I lost my front which isn't easy to avoid a crash in these terms.

"Whilst Marc was forced to retire I could continue the race. But a few laps latter I realized the black flag with my number. I was surprised and I also get hard to understand the decision made by the race direction.

"However, it is as it is and I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that I am very sorry for Marc. From my side there is to say that I'm no longer thinking about it and looking forward to concentrate to the upcoming races which will be run in overseas."



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