This picture, by Gold and Goose, shows the damage to Andrea Iannone's Ducati after a fall on Saturday at the French MotoGP.

Of particular interest, given the ongoing debate over winglet safety, is the way that one of the aerodynamic devices - the lower of the two on each side of the Ducati fairing - has not broken cleanly away from his machine.

The MotoGP manufacturers are currently debating the future of winglets, with the consequences of contact between winglet and rider one of the biggest concerns.

When Iannone tapped Marc Marquez at the start of the Argentina race, his upper left winglet did break away cleanly away, which Ducati says supports their belief that the devices are not dangerous.

Unlike in Argentina, Iannone was unable to continue riding at Le Mans. But if he had been able to remount, might he have been black-flagged?



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