Danilo Petrucci spent most of his final MotoGP test of 2017 trying to replicate the tyre-friendly brake-and-throttle technique of factory Ducati riders Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo.

The Pramac pilot, who celebrated four podiums during his best-yet grand prix season after earning the third GP17 seat, felt he needs to improve management of the rear tyre.

"First of all during these days I was trying to manage my rear tyre, watching how Dovizioso and Lorenzo do it," said the Italian, speaking in the Jerez paddock at lunchtime on the final day.

"Generally I always brake a little bit later. So then I release the brake a little bit later [but also] open the throttle a little bit earlier. And we understood that with the Michelin tyre, when you start to be aggressive [with the throttle] in the middle of the corner, you never re-gain the traction on the exit.

"So I was trying to be fast and save my tyre."

Pressed on the exact technique, Petrucci revealed: "Just trying to release the brake [earlier on corner entry] and see if the bike continues to turn. Then wait a little bit, half-a-second, before opening the throttle and open it a little bit more smoothly.

"Sincerely we saw some improvements, my lap time was constantly under '38s."

Petrucci was conducting the experiments using his standard GP17, before getting a run on the hybrid GP17-18 - used by Dovizioso and Lorenzo on the previous two days - during the final afternoon of testing.

"I've been waiting for Jorge and Dovi, who were trying the new bike. I don't know if it's the definite [2018] bike or not, but anyway I have to try and give my advice.

"I've spoken with the other riders, and Pirro, and it sounds like there are some positive and some negative things [about it]. It's not a revolution, but I have to try first and we'll see."

Inside the Ducati MotoGP 'salad box'…

But just as he was preparing to switch over from his standard GP17, Petrucci suffered a big accident at Turn 8 (breaking the 'salad box' open in the process).

"It was the last run before I switch to the new bike. Unfortunately I crashed and destroyed my bike. Immediately when I brake, I lose the front and the bike went straight into the wall.

"A very, very fast crash. I have some bruises but can continue. I think in one hour I will try the new bike..."

Petrucci did not comment after riding the new bike, the final version of which is expected to debut at Sepang in late January.