Alex Rins may have fallen during his first run with the new Suzuki fairing, but that didn't dampen the Spaniard's enthusiasm for the new device.

The design mimics the 2017 Ducati fairing, with two or three tiers of horizonal winglets connected by an outer endplate.

“Today was a really positive test and we tried many things," said Rins, who finished the day seventh fastest (+0.477s). "As you can see, we tried the new fairing in its two versions and some new parts on the chassis and I think it was really good.

"With the new aerodynamic fairing, I felt better about the anti-wheelie. MotoGP bikes obviously have a lot of electronics but all the time that the front wheel is making contact with the track then we have more power, so it’s always better, this new fairing can help me to have more acceleration and more speed.

"The good thing also is that this new fairing allows me to have better anti-wheelie without major loss in the top speed."

Team manager Davide Brivio added: "Alex was happy when he tested the new aerodynamic package and it seems like it benefits him. So we will reconfirm tomorrow, and of course test again in Qatar, but it looks like Suzuki have made a very good job with this package."

Team-mate Andrea Iannone also plans to put in a detailed comparison between the old and new fairing on Sunday's final day, before a decision is made on which to use for the 2018 season.


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