The opening MotoE test of 2020 saw three new technical developments handed to the electric-bike class in the form of enhanced battery cooling, new Michelin tyres and revised Ohlins forks for the Energica machines.

The three-day Jerez outing ended with a best lap time of 1m 47.494s by reigning champion Matteo Ferrari (Gresini).

"All in all it's been a very good test and the improvement in lap time has been quite impressive, about 1.5s," MotoE director Nicolas Goubert told the official MotoGP website.

The previous unofficial Jerez MotoE record was a 1m 48.984s set in March 2019, just before the huge paddock fire that delayed the start of the inaugural season.

A 1m 47.494s also puts MotoE 1.1s from the official Moto3 race lap record at the Spanish Grand Prix venue.

Turning to the technical developments, Goubert explained: "We tested the new air cooling system from Energica and we have twelve bikes modified for that and they could have three full sessions without any drop of power. Which is really useful for winter testing."

Riders had been impressed by the level of the MotoE Michelins last season, with further alternations made to the front and especially rear tyres for 2020.

"For the 2020 MotoE season we decided to change the tyres because we wanted to improve," said Michelin's Piero Taramasso. "We came here with a different front compound and, on the rear, we changed the compound and also construction.

"The reason for the new rear construction is to give more stability and the compound gives more grip. For the front we just changed the compound, again to give better grip as well as a better feeling when the riders enter a corner."

"Basically all riders" had preferred the new front tyre, Taramasso said, because "they feel better stability, better support when they brake."

However, it seems the rear needs further development.

"In the front it's quite clear and Michelin has found quite a good improvement for most of the riders," confirmed Goubert, who ran Michelin's MotoGP effort before joining MotoE. "In the rear, they brought two new tyres that gave good grip, but not enough consistently.

"So they told us that will come up with something different for the next test in April."

The final item for the MotoE field to try at Jerez was a revised Ohlins front fork which, like the latest front tyre, seems to deal better with the hefty 260kg bike weight under braking.

"Most of them are very happy with the new fork setting which basically helps in hard braking, the bike doesn't dive so quickly," Goubert said.

The final MotoE pre-season test is due to take place back at Jerez from April 8-10. The circuit is then set to host the opening MotoE round of the year during the Spanish MotoGP weekend, from May 1-3.

However, both of those outings will depend on the level of progress made in controlling the coronavirus outbreak.