Brad Binder says he is basking in the huge wave of support he has received across the world and in his native South Africa after becoming the first person from the ‘Rainbow Nation’ to clinch a victory in the premier class.

A historic success that notched up KTM’s first MotoGP win in only his third career start at the top of the sport, Binder carries the momentum just days later to the manufacturer’s familiar home Austrian MotoGP venue at the Red Bull Ring.

A circuit he will know better than most on the calendar by virtue of the concessions that allow KTM greater testing freedom – for now, at least… - with rain forecast for the weekend Binder is determined not to get carried away and is instead focus on securing a strong result on home soil.

“I did a couple of laps around Jerez in 2019 but at that stage I was still not sure how things go on a MotoGP bike but it will be super cool to try out the rain conditions again, I am looking forward to it strangely enough.

“It is a really important weekend for Red Bull and KTM, it will be fantastic to have a great weekend for them. It’s important though to keep my feet on the ground, reset and carry on the way I was from the previous weekend and try have a clean weekend overall.”

A hugely popular success in MotoGP as a whole, Binder also felt the effects of his new high profile back home in South Africa as he flew the flag with his own patriotic landmark.

“I was in shock like everyone else but yeah it’s been a super cool week, it’s awesome. To finally get a victory is fantastic, just for my whole team Red Bull KTM and everyone who supported me all the way through.

“It’s been pretty insane [in South Africa] to be honest. It’s really cool, the news really blew up at home – South Africans are fantastic and they really get behind any sportsman that’s doing well, I’ve always had great support back home and I am really looking forward to giving them another good show.”



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