Franco Morbidelli’s worth continues to grow up and down the MotoGP paddock as he secures Jerez podium on the oldest spec bike on this year’s grid. 

Morbidelli has been unhappy with Yamaha for remaining on a bike that is two years old given he was the 2020 title runner-up and top Yamaha. 

But the Italian did his talking on the track during today’s fourth race of the season, taking third place behind Ducati duo Jack Miller and Francesco Bagnaia

Conversations have already taken place between Morbidelli and Yamaha as to why his current situation is the way it is, with the conclusion being that Morbidelli has been ‘unlucky’ and that outside circumstances have affected this decision to remain on the 19 spec bike.

"I spoke with Lin [Jarvis]. I told him my thoughts about the situation and I was really frank with him. He was really frank with me as well," said Morbidelli. 

"He understood my feelings and understood my situation, but we both finally came to the conclusion that I was unlucky because of the contracts, because of the Covid situation, because of many things going on. 

"I hope that what luck took from me this year, it’s going to give back somewhere in life." 

Since the opening round of the season in Qatar, Morbidelli’s results have continued to go in an upward spiral with a fifth two weeks ago, followed by today’s podium. 

The 2017 Moto2 champion alluded to working ‘precisely’ in order to make this result possible, while crew chief Ramon Forcada worked his magic ‘wand’ to improve the package, especially in ‘braking’. 

"We had to work really precisely this weekend. Ramon [Forcada] had to take out his (Magic) wand to get better and better step-by-step," added the 26 year-old. 

"We were able to change a little our style on the bike and find something in the braking that allowed us to be so fast in the race, and so consistent. 

"This podium tastes fantastically sweet. I’m really happy because you all know the situation and you all know that this is really difficult and still, here we are."