Binder: ‘I’m really overloading the front’, new aero causing ‘set-up’ issues

KTM’s new aero package causing two-time MotoGP race winner Brad Binder to ‘really overload the front on braking’, needs time to find ‘the good set-up’.
Brad Binder, MotoGP, Sepang MotoGP test 6 February 2022
Brad Binder, MotoGP, Sepang MotoGP test 6 February 2022
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Brad Binder hopes to find a better set-up during the three-day Mandalika MotoGP test after struggling with KTM’s new aero package at Sepang.

The South African, who could only manage 18th fastest during the final day of testing in Malaysia, was dealing with issues on both the front and rear of his RC16 machine. 

While traction was the biggest concern when discussing the rear of the bike, Binder also claimed the new aero package is making it difficult to find the right ‘set-up’ on the front.  

Binder said: "I think it is a combination of things. Firstly with the new aero package it puts a lot more weight on the front of the bike and we run completely different heights and things. 

"We need time to really find the good set-up for it. I’m really overloading the front on braking and entry and also when I have a bit of speed and close the throttle: not easy either because I have a lot of load on the front and I really feel on the limit. 

"It also seems to have taken away a little bit of grip. I think we just need to work a little bit and see where we end up. So far we haven’t really had the chance. This afternoon (rain) meant we couldn’t do that."

While it was a disappointing test considering the highest placed KTM rider was only 15th (Miguel Oliveira), Binder also pointed out some of the positive effects of the new aero, such as better ‘drive’ coming out of corners.

"It loads the front a bit better and I think we have better drive out of the corners because it keeps the front wheel down and that’s an improvement for sure," Binder confirmed. 

"It needs to work as well or better in the corners too and at the moment I find it is maybe a bit more difficult to get the perfect set-up we are looking for. 

"We haven’t had time to find things either because we have just been throwing things at it to find the best package before we try to take the maximum from it."

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