Stoke Easy rider Potters joint team manager Nigel Crabtree has offered to spend more time with 17 year old Lee Hodgson in a bid to help him ride the Loomer Road track better.

Crabtree, the Potters record points scorer and a rider who was at the top of his chosen sport for several seasons, has already had a session with Hodgson but said: "What we need to do is get him down here for a day and really put in lap after lap after lap."

"Lee did come down a week or so ago and I went out on his bike after that. But I'd like to spend a lot more time with him than that and the offer is there for him if he wants to take it up."

"He just isn't getting the full benefit out of the different racing lines on this track when he has the ability to do so. I want to show him where to come in harder than he does now, ride a tighter a line than he does and not over-shoot the corners like he is a bit prone to doing."

"This is not a criticism of the lad. After all, he is only 17 and spent a lot of time riding at Sheffield where you don't turn a bike. But he is a Stoke asset and it is in our interests to help him add more variety to his racing".