Tony Dart has given Midenhall Superior Exteriors Fen Tigers a boost by declaring himself fit for their two away fixtures over the Easter Bank Holiday.

Dart, who has had a series of operations on his right leg that might have been amputated following a serious racing accident, had to be carried off his bike after his final ride. "My leg just gave way from under me and I couldn't move" said the 23 year old.

"My leg is a mess and the nerves don't respond as they should. Something like that must have happened on Sunday and it was quite scary at the time because I couldn't feel anything. I went along for physiotherapy on Monday and I'll be fine by the weekend. Graham Drury rang to see how I was and I've told him to count me in".

Drury conceded he was amazed to hear Dart was even thinking about riding so soon. "In all honesty, I was thinking of other options - that's how sure I was Tony wouldn't make it" he said. "He was in absolute agony on Sunday and they even had to carry him on a stretcher to his van; that's how bad his leg was."

"I had a long conversation with Tony on Monday and he's in good spirits and determined to be with us. It's amazing how determined the lad is after all he's been through. Riding so soon was purely his decision. I'm not convinced yet that I agree with it, though I have to say commitment like that is exactly what this club is all about."

The Fen Tigers travel to Carmarthen on Sunday in search of league points and then move on to Rye House on Bank Holiday Monday hoping to boost their CL Trophy tally. They warmed up for their travels by slamming Buxton 59-31 at West Row on Sunday with a very solid team effort that simply swept the visitors away.

Scott James impressed again with a paid maximum, James Brundle was just one point away from a similar score after losing out to Will Beveridge in heat 5, James Mann was in double figures and the rest of the team contributed throughout.

"We stepped on the gas in heat one and never took our foot off the pedal until heat 15" added Drury. "We're certainly firing pretty much on all cylinders these days and the pleasing thing is that if one rider has an off night, another steps up their game.

"We're unbeaten so far and will go in to the two meetings over the Easter period in good spirits. It's early days and we won't get carried away - but we couldn't have done a lot more than we have at this early stage."