Gwyndaf Evans and co-driver Chris Patterson debuted the GSE Motorsport developed MG ZR rally car on the recent Monte Carlo Rally, and having sampled the new car - and the new Junior World Rally Championship - Gwyndaf gives his thoughts on the MG and the future...

Gwyndaf, what are your thoughts on the MG ZR rally car now that you have driven it competitively?

Gwyndaf Evans: "Monte Carlo conformed that the car has potential. We're still at a very early stage with it, and the car needs more work, but clearly, by being sixth quickest on that opening stage out of the 28 Junior World Rally Championship cars, proves we have a good car.

"I didn't expect to be that far up the order, as we already know the areas we have to work on with the car, but to be that quick already is very encouraging. It means we don't have huge amounts of work to sort the MG ZR.

"We obviously had one disappointing moment with the car, but we were already enjoying it, and will be a very exciting car to drive once we have done some more testing. I always enjoy driving a car you can really relate to the road car it is based on - and MG ZR does just that."

What are your first impressions of the Junior World Rally Championship?

GE: "The series is still in its infancy - but it's already very competitive. The whole concept of the championship is good because it allows you to perform on the World stage on different terrains, and you're doing the same rally stages as the WRC cars."

Which events in the series do you think will suit the MG ZR?

GE: "That's a difficult question...there are only two gravel events, the Acropolis and the Rally of Great Britain, with the rest on asphalt. An interesting one will be the Rally Deutschland.

"We should have done quite a bit of running by then, and it's neutral territory - the rally and stages should be new to everyone, making it a level playing field. On the tarmac rallies in southern Europe, the Mediterranean drivers know all the stages really well, which makes it hard for anyone else.

"I'm not even thinking about the Rally of Great Britain yet. We've got a lot of work and competitive stages to get through before then, but hopefully our home rally could be the highlight of our year."