With 555 SWRT technicians able to complete a full damper change in five minutes and a gearbox change in nine, they're among the best in the world. But, they couldn't do it without their trusty Snap-on tools, here then is what is in a 555 Subaru World Rally Team tool kit...

- Each technician has his/her own hand tool kit which is named, and all their tools are individually numbered,

- Each kit includes 100 items and is worth more than $3,500 US (excluding the case),

- Each technician works with matching sets of tools, apart from the gearbox, electrical and engine technicians who require extra, specific items,

- According to Tommi Makinen's crew, the tools that are used most are the 19mm impact socket, which is used to remove the wheels during service; the flush pliers, which are used for cutting tie wraps that secure the wiring loom and anything loose in the car; and the 17mm/14mm combination ring spanner, which is used for attaching or removing the components that make up the car's main suspension,

- The 17mm socket is also vital. Used with the nut gun, the socket is required for suspension changes, gearbox changes, upright changes, traction control arm changes, lateral link changes, sump guard changes, and for changing the front bumper - so it's pretty important!

- The largest and most expensive item in the toolbox is the torque wrench, which is used to ensure that all the nuts and bolts on the car are set to the correct torque setting (16/ft). The least expensive is the scriber, which is used for marking metal,

- The most unusual object is the telescopic mirror. Looking more like something owned by a dentist, the extending instrument is used to check for any damage in awkward sections of the car,

- Each tool box includes 4 different ratchets, 24 different sockets and 25 different size spanners,

- With the exception of the torque wrench, all the team's hand tools are made and supplied by Snap-On, and have a lifetime guarantee.