The Suzuki World Rally Team has released the first pictures of the SX4 WRC 2008, which the outfit will field in this year's FIA World Rally Championship, its first at the 'senior' level.

In contrast to the all-white colour scheme adopted for the two 'test' events last season in Corsica and Wales, the livery will incorporate the traditional Suzuki yellow, with only the back and a section of the side of the car remaining white.

To see bigger pictures click on the thumbnails below - all images are courtesy of the Suzuki World Rally Team.

Suzuki team boss, Nobuhiro Tajima meanwhile was pretty happy with the progress made by the squad and his two drivers, Toni Gardemeister and Per-Gunnar Andersson during the test in France just prior to Christmas.

"We made a respectable showing. We recognise little time is left, but we'll make the maximum use of it to work out. I have the highest regard for my team," Tajima told "Toni has great experience and know-how in development. At the same time, he is a kind and responsible person. I'm counting on him.

"Also, I'm counting on P-G since I have seen his growth through the JWRC for four years. I hope he will grow more professionally in the WRC. I expect the SX4 WRC driven by Toni and P-G to be a storm's eye in coming year.

"We have reorganised the team for the WRC activities in 2008. So, this test is the first time to operate the new system. It turned out all right. The technical director and main engineers has attended this test from Japan to take leading roles during this session. They worked well.

"I'm sure different people from different cultures are able to buckle down as one team to contest for the championship because the WRC is the number-one motor rally event in the world."