Razgatlioglu: ‘Is he looking or not? I’m not scared, maybe he is thinking this’

Toprak Razgatlioglu says he’s ‘not scared’ by the lack of grip off the racing line in Mandalika, but that WorldSBK series leader Alvaro Bautista might be feeling that way.
Toprak Razgatlioglu, Alvaro Bautista, WorldSBK Mandalika 2022
Toprak Razgatlioglu, Alvaro Bautista, WorldSBK Mandalika 2022

Despite Bautista topping FP2 with the only sub 1m 34s lap of the day, the reigning WorldSBK champion showcased the best race pace.

Razgatlioglu completed a 20-lap run which saw him continuously lap in the low to mid 1m 34s barrier.

In fact, Razgatlioglu set one of his best laps at the end of his run despite doing five laps more than a traditional race simulation.  

"I tried a race simulation of 20 laps - normally the plan is 14/15 laps but the team didn’t show me the pit board," said Razgatlioglu. "I was thinking 15 laps… why is it not finished. 

"I thought that maybe it’s too hot and didn’t understand [how many] laps [were done]. I asked in the box how many laps [did I do] and he (crew chief) said 20, so I said ‘why didn’t you show me the board’? 

"He said because it’s very hot. In the last lap I saw that it was a very good lap time."

When discussing his tag of pre-race favourite after Ducati’s Michael Ruben Rinaldi claimed the Yamaha rider will win every race, the Turkish star was not so quick to agree.

"Alvaro is strong but he’s just pushing one lap. Anyway, he is in the race and is strong. Jonny is normally strong but we will see," added Razgatlioglu. 

"I try to be ready to fight and we will see. I remember last year I was in the second position. I’m here this weekend to try and fight for wins, three wins."

Toprak Razgatlioglu, Indonesian WorldSBK. 11 November
Toprak Razgatlioglu, Indonesian WorldSBK. 11 November

Razgatlioglu disagrees with WorldSBK leader Bautista

As grip proved very challenging to find in FP1, lap times in FP2 showed that considerable improvements were made.

Still, Bautista believes the racing line consists only of a 60 centimetre width, which Razgatlioglu is far from worried about.

Speaking about Bautista’s estimation, Razgatlioglu said: "Is he looking or not? 60 centimetres? How does he understand 60? 

"It’s not easy to pass because we have just one line in the race. For me it is no problem. I’m not scared. I think he is thinking this."

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