Yesterday's World Supersport race at Assen was halted on lap 12 when Yamaha Motor Germany's Christian Kellner crashed on his own R6's oil after the engine let go in dramatic style at the braking area for the first chicane - setting off a terrifying sequence of events.

A further six riders were to fall victim of the oil in short order, red-flagging the race. Kellner suffered a dislocated bone in his neck, but was fortunate to escape much more serious injury.

"I didn't even know it was my bike that laid down the oil," confessed Kellner afterwards. "I thought Jorg Teuchert had hit me from behind. I hit the barrier really hard, but I have only a small neck injury, so I think I must be a rubber man. I also know I was very lucky that two other bikes did not hit me, or it could have been much worse."

A trackside marshal received a compound fracture of his leg after being struck by a crashing bike, the race was called a result from the end of lap 11.