You spoke, he answered. Discussing all things British Superbike, speculating about 2009 and revealing his favourite cheese, Airwaves Ducati manager Colin Wright answers each of the questions posed by our most probing interviewer yet - you!

With 32 years experience in the motorcycle racing industry, Colin Wright has been the team manager for GSE Racing since 1998, helping to steer the team to three BSB titles and numerous BSB and WSBK victories. His list of past and present riders reads like a who's who of motorcycle racing.

Hugely passionate about the sport, with this passion comes strongly held views and opinions, which he accepts not everyone will agree with. Colin kindly took time out to read all of your questions and we think you'll find his answers make for very interesting reading...

Q - Rod Barcroft
Following all the press speculation surrounding Xerox Ducati and their alleged interest in "Shakey", would you be prepared to divulge at this stage any names on your shortlist of potential replacements or would you prefer to move the whole team into WSB and keep the whole squad together

Colin Wright
Regardless of WSB or BSB my preferred option would be to keep both Shane and Leon. If things change then I will look to consider other riders but I'm not telling you who they are!

Q - phil glencross
Colin, it seems that each season in BSB a different challenge faces you as airwaves team manager, it may be a new rider (or riders) at short notice, new and complex rules to deal with or different machinery to set up. These would be barriers for some teams to overcome but Airwaves doesn't get phased by these things and is always up their winning races and fighting for titles. This for me is great and the pedigree required to move back into WSB and be competitive. Ask yourself who else apart from the obvious (TEN KATE, ALSTARE SUZUKI etc) could immediately challenge Davide Tardozzi and his Ducati team....Answer. GSE racing . I think so anyway and I'm a Honda man!

Colin Wright
Thank you very much

Q - Jas
When will you be dropping Rob Mac? I meant to ask what extra safety measures you would like to see come in to BSB?

Colin Wright
Rob Mac & I go back a long way so I doubt there would ever be any fisticuffs but if there was I would guarantee I'd lose! I believe the BSB organisers have introduced many important safety features over the years and I am sure they will continue to do so.

Q - Dangerous Dave
Why are the regs for BSB different to World SBK? How much does a top team in BSB need to run two bikes?
What is the prize money? Is it based on each event or season results?

Colin Wright
2008 was intended to be a trial period with the introduction of standard rods & pistons in an attempt to reduce costs & performance. If this had proved successful I believe WSB would have followed our lead. The 2008 rules have not quite achieved the desired effect & subsequently it has been unanimously agreed to revert to the current FIM Superbike regulation. If I'm right in assuming you mean two riders, then to compete at the top it would cost approx ?1.4 million. Finally, the prize money is paid out on a per event basis.

Q - Andy Stephens
Was it a political decision to appoint a control tyre for BSB or was it for sporting reasons and is your performance any better this year on Pirelli? Do you notice major differences from one circuit to another when comparing to last year's tyres?

Colin Wright
The decision to appoint a control tyre was made in the interest of the sport. In previous years there has been a huge difference between development tyres & standard race tyres. If you were a team that did not have access to the development tyres you were at a disadvantage. We were fortunate to have access to development tyres in previous years so our performance so far this year is not as good. However, very soon I believe lap records will be broken with the standard Pirelli tyres. The two major differences are that lap times are slower and the standard Pirelli race tyre does not lose as much grip towards the end of the race.

Q - Ed Vann-Ghent
Would Colin Wright be prepared to field two British riders in WSB next season, or would the chance to move to MOTOGP with Ducati be a better option for Airwaves and GSE Racing (noting sponsorship with Airwaves would be benefited by MOTOGP European coverage). Can you give me an honest opinion on the future of the team as clearly BSB is way below the standards of the team?

Colin Wright
We are currently in negotiations regarding our plans for 2009 and will make an official announcement in due course

Q - Ed Vann-Ghent
Is the future of BSB safe? It seems to have great racing, but a lack of direction, similar to the years 1992-1998 when the series almost died from a lack of ideas and direction to make British teams eligable and competitive in Europe by the ACU.

Colin Wright
I cannot deny that 2008 has had its fair share of ups and downs but I do believe that MSVR will be instrumental in getting BSB back on track.

Q - Jon Veal
If the rumours are true and you go to WSB, would you be able to help a 'satellite' team run 'semi-works' dukes in the BSB... PS Suzuki won the last round... Do they need a 10 KG weight penalty?

Colin Wright
If the rumours are true, yes. And yes to the Suzuki question!

Q - Wesley jones
Will you be returning to world superbikes in 2009

Colin Wright
As I stated earlier, we are currently in negotiations regarding our plans for 2009 and will make an official announcement in due course

Q - Andrew Long
How did the pairing of Byrne and Camier come about for 2008 & are you surprised how well you have done considering how competitive the HM Plant Honda was last year ? What do you put success down to?

Colin Wright
We have been keeping an eye on Shane and Leon for several years. When we got the opportunity to snap them up we took it. We expected to be competing for the championship as this is always our plan, however we didn't anticipate having to pay Shane so much bonus money! First and foremost I'd put success down to team effort. This has been a key factor in the success of GSE Racing from the start and for 11 years of racing. Furthermore the 1098 Ducati was designed and tested around Pirelli tyres which definitely gave us an early advantage.

Q - Sparky Stu
Is it true that if Ducati do not win the BSB championship this season they are going to have 1400cc Twins next ?

Colin Wright

Q - 190mph
If the twin cyclinder engine is so good for racing with why must it always compete with a cc and/or tuning advantage over its four cyclinder competitors?

Colin Wright
At GSE Racing we do not build bikes and we do not make the rules so I wouldn't want to answer that question.

Q - Nigel Collick
Will you lend me one of your bikes for track days. I won't crash it honest!

Colin Wright
How good are you? Probably not!

Q - Featherz
Do many people doubt that Camier could run at WSB this early, he hasn't exactly set the championship a light this year, if you go to WSB next year, would you replace Camier or run him alongside shane byrne? If Shane left would you possibly take aboard Leon Haslam or Greg for next year, who have both shown there credentials with the twin dukes.
Britain's talent in bike racing has really came along this year with at least 5 racers who could race in WSB at a competitive level, why have we had such a bad spell in WSB this year for British talent, we have Sykes, Byrne, Haslam, Crutchlow, why is no one taking the punt, or is it hard securing British sponsors for British racers.

Colin Wright
I have no doubt of Leon's ability. He has reached our expectations and is on target to exceed them. Regardless of WSB or BSB my preferred option would be to keep Shane and Leon. If things change then I will look to consider other riders. This year has only been a 'bad spell in WSB' because James Toseland moved to MotoGP. BSB provides the stepping stone for British talent to progress to WSB and I have no doubt we will see another British WSB Champion in the next few years.

Q - Annie Mirfin
I was wondering if you could tell me how to get my 5 year old son into racing bikes, he will be 6 in November and he has already stated that he wants to win races in BSB when he is older like his favourite rider Shakey. Any information that you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Colin Wright
I will answer this in more detail at a later date but a good start would be motocross. Many top riders started their racing career in schoolboy motocross. It allows the rider to gain confidence and become familiar with controlling a motorcycle.

Q - Craig Robertson
How much did you pay MSV-R to allow the 1200cc twins this year, and then how much did you pay them to let Shakey off some off his awful passes this year. I say this because if the letter of the law was fairly applied every time, Shakey should have been booted for his pass on Harris, whilst Leon got disqualified and points deducted for his move earlier on in the season on Sykes. Also, grow some hair and smile eh, whats the point in spitting the dummy and getting the rules changed to suit you if you are going to look miserable everywhere.

Colin Wright
I don't think I'll waste my time thinking of an answer

Q - Bill
There are obviously many talents out there from the U.K Everyone has their own idea of who is the 'next' Big Thing. Who do you think it is?

Colin Wright
As you say, there are many talented riders in the UK and I believe they all have the ability to become champions. The one that will rise to the top will be a rider who has a strong team around him and who works the hardest at every aspect of racing, including fitness, technical know-how and identifying and acting upon their weaknesses.

Q - steph x
Who would yew say the best BSB rider is and why? Good luck to Airwaves, I hope they do very, very well! I am sure they will. Good luck for the rest of the races.

Colin Wright
Obviously Shane.

Q - Keith A. Leslie
The Airwaves Ducati's of 'Shakey' and Leon have so dominated the series this year, as harks back to 2005 with Gregorio Lavilla. Do you think that you would wish to commission some artwork to celebrate your success, perhaps as a gift from sponsors to the riders? Clearly the season has yet to finish, but would it be something you would consider, following a rider and team championship victory? I know of an excellent artist who would love to paint the Airwaves Ducati 1098. His name is Keith, and although he doesn't know that I am asking this question, I feel he is one of the best artists in the world, and would love to do a painting of the riders and bikes.

Colin Wright
This is a question for our PR/marketing team.

Q - Steve Male
I am co-founder of GP Future, a campaign to raise the profile of bike racing in the UK. Our ultimate goal would be to see a British MotoGP champion but until that can happen, we want to see more British riders on the wolrd stage and more British buiness and media interest. This is a bit cheeky but what would be our chances of discussing our thoughts with you at Cadwell Park?

Colin Wright
Please make contact about this through the Airwaves Ducati website

Q - deborah Whitelaw
Dear Mr Wright please could you tell me what your feelings are after your strong views about the future and talent of the now late Craig Jones live on Eurosport last Sunday.

Colin Wright
I, along with the entire team at GSE Racing was deeply saddened by the devastating loss of Craig Jones. Our thoughts are with his family as this difficult time.