Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship title sponsor Dunlop this season is speaking to touring car heros and celebrities as part of its 'Drivers know' series, and the latest one in the hotseat is Tim Harvey.

His favourite road story
It was the mid-80s - my early years of my racing career and I was in a Formula Ford 1600 at Brands Hatch. We'd all been in the Kentagon and then went onto the Rising Sun Pub in Fawkham Green. I left at about 11pm with my brother in my new-to-me Alfa Romeo Sprint 33 Veloce.

We went back up the straight to Brands Hatch and showing off to my brother I told him that I was going to accelerate flat out and he had to tell me when to brake at the end of the road - my assumption being that I'd go another 50 yards and impress/frighten him. Unfortunately I'd got to 110 mph under the bridge and he still hadn't said anything.

I looked across to find him fast asleep! Needless to say I didn't stop - went across the island and into the Brands Hatch chain link fence. He woke up as we bounced across the island but he still didn't say brake! I got away with two broken alloys - and suppose I still owe the circuit for the fence repairs.

His 'car that deserves more recognition' nomination:
The Mini Moke. An outrageously good car. It's still winning auto-tests. It's still being used to learn the Macau Grand Prix circuit. There's no need for central locking or any other security devices, and you can use it in all weathers - water just runs out of the holes in the

His recommendation for a driver's drive:
From Stratford-on-Avon to Chipping Sodbury. It's a really good A road - not too busy - can get a good lick on without any sodding cameras. Stratford's a good place - nice pubs and places in the summer. Chipping Sodbury's an excellent destination for a cream tea.

His favourite music to drive to:
Radio Five Live - or any club mix CD.

His entry for the Dunlop Collection:
My Teng Tools Megatool kit. It took four years of sucking up to get it but I wouldn't be without it for working on my bikes and karts.It's got every tool you need and loads that I haven't the faintest idea what they do.

His website nomination: - I've bought and sold loads of stuff - I'm a complete addict. My garage is a testimony to the junk I've bought and sold. A good place to get rid of BTCC anoraks.

His design icon nomination:
The McLaren F1 road car. It was designed totally without compromise and is the ultimate supercar. It's completely bespoke - not a single component is sourced from another car. It's a practical size, not 8ft wide and 22 ft long - the only impracticality is the unfeasibly large bills.