One of the most spectacular racers in the Production Class of the BTCC is Gavin Pyper. The young Scot missed the opening rounds of the series, but a late deal saw him out in a Team Dynamics backed GA Motorsport Alfa Romeo 156, and Pyper has rewarded their support with a stream of front-running performances in the Italian car. Immediately after his Sprint Race victory at Snetterton last weekend, we spoke to Pyper about his season and his hopes for the future.

Gavin, it's been a good weekend at Snetterton and you've been a constant front runner, but that was a spectacular recovery win?

Gavin Pyper: "It's a very hot weekend and the Alfa has coped well with the heat. I got a bit of a bad start, dropped back to third, then the oil pressure alarm came on. Instead of ignoring it I chose to back off and check everything was ok with the engine, and then continue.

"That dropped me down to about seventh and after that it was just a case of charging back up to the front. The two Safety Car periods did help, though I could always see the leaders and was never too far away, but not as much as they could have."

You raced in the Production Class last year, what do you think of the level of competition this year?

GP: "The cars are just as fast as last year, many of them - like ours - are actually from last year, so there should be a bit more competition in my opinion. Last year it was just as competitive at the front, but there were more people up there.

"We've got some good drivers. James Kaye is obviously quick, as is Norman Simon, and we tend to have a good battle at the front."

Are you enjoying the tussles with the Civic and the BMW?

GP: "The BMW is a very different obstacle! Being rear-wheel drive, it's very important to really pick your moment when you make a lunge. Any slow corner they have a huge advantage - they moan about not having any power, and I moan about not being rear-wheel drive! It probably evens out..."

Having missed the opening rounds of the series, are you here to win races rather than aiming for the championship?

GP: "The championship is impossible for us, so all we want to do is keep putting the car on pole, keep winning races, and keep ourselves right at the front where people will remember us in those races."

What is Gavin Pyper looking for in the long term?

GP: "He's looking for a good drive in the Touring Class next year!"

"I want to move up to Touring and become a fully-fledged professional driver at the highest level - then stay there and win."

It was a late deal that actually got you out this year?

GP: "I have to thanks GA Motorsports for giving me the car, that was fantastic, and to Team Dynamics for sponsoring me and running the car. They've saved my career basically - that's the way I look at it - so I am in debt to them."