After winning eight consecutive constructors’ titles, Mercedes are on course for their worst finish since 2013.

Mercedes are also set to go winless for the first time since 2012, although this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix is expected to be their best chance of standing on the top step.

The German manufacturer struggled with porpoising in the early part of the year with their windtunnel figures not aligning with how the car performed on track.

Their unique ‘zero-pod’ concept caught the headlines in pre-season but given how far ahead Red Bull and Ferrari are with different looking cars, Mercedes might be forced to change their design philosophy.

Despite a lack of outright performance, reliability and consistency has been a key strength of Mercedes, allowing the team to remain within touching distance of Ferrari for second in the constructors’ championship.

In an interview with F1-Insider, Brawn reflected on the new impact of the regulations for 2022.

“Basically, I am very satisfied,” he said. “The cars can follow each other more closely and overtake better as a result. Side-by-side driving has also become easier. Before, not many people knew that a car also lost performance there. Pirelli has also contributed to the improvement. So, everything has worked well before.

“The fact that some teams were able to implement the new rules better and the others are upset about it is Formula 1 folklore and was planned beforehand. It has hit Mercedes in particular. But they are not idiots, they will get it right.”

Brawn has been F1 managing director since 2017 and was heavily involved in dictating the direction of the regulation overhaul for this year.

However, the former Ferrari boss admitted that he’s willing to take a step back from the sport again.

“I want to cut back considerably, let’s put it that way,” he added. “I will continue to be available with my expertise, but I will no longer be responsible for an area every day.

“That means I will take care of my children and grandchildren again, go fishing more and take care of my garden.”