F1 teams that complied with last year’s spending cap of $145m were expected to receive a certificate of compliance on Wednesday October 5 ahead of this weekend's Japanese Grand Prix. 

But the FIA have now delayed the publication of its budget cap inquiry. 

"The FIA informs that the conclusion of the analysis of the 2021 financial submissions of the Formula 1 teams and the subsequent release of Certificates of Compliance to the Financial Regulations will not take place on Wednesday, 5 October," a statement read. 

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"The Financial Regulations were agreed unanimously by all Competitors, who have worked positively and collaboratively with the FIA Cost Cap Administration throughout this first year under the Financial Regulations.

"As previously communicated, there has been significant and unsubstantiated speculation and conjecture in relation to this matter, and the FIA reiterates that until it is finalised, no further information will be provided.

"The FIA also reiterates that any suggestion that FIA personnel have disclosed sensitive information is equally baseless."

Crucially, the FIA’s report will also reveal whether any teams have broken the 2021 budget cap by overspending amid rumours that both Red Bull and Aston Martin are in breach. 

According to Sky Sports, no F1 team is set to face severe punishment for breaking the 2021 financial regulations. 

The report claims that only ‘minor’ breaches of the cost cap were made, equating to an overspend of less than five per cent - or $7.25million. 

Possible punishments for such violations range from a public reprimand, a fine, deduction of constructors’ and/or drivers’ championship points, restrictions on aerodynamic testing time and a reduction in their cost cap for the following year. 

Red Bull’s rivals Mercedes and Ferrari both described breaches of the 2021 cost cap as an “open secret” in the F1 paddock. 

Their statements prompted a furious response from Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, who expressed confidence his side was below the spending limit. 

Ferrari have warned it will be “game over” for F1’s budget cap if the sport fails to pass the first “vital test” of the financial regulations.

Max Verstappen had responded angrily to Red Bull's rival teams' view on the cost cap debate.