Verstappen secured his second F1 drivers’ title at the Japanese Grand Prix, with Red Bull on course to take their first constructors’ crown since 2013 at the Circuit of the Americas this weekend.

The Dutchman is still not Red Bull’s most successful driver, with Sebastian Vettel holding that title.

Vettel won four consecutive titles between 2010 and 2013, taking 39 victories with Red Bull - seven more than Verstappen (32).

Despite being behind Vettel in terms of statistics, Horner still thinks in terms of talent, Verstappen is ahead.

“The great thing is he is just open to pushing himself in all areas, he always feels there’s more to be had,” Horner told The Guardian. “He is quite clearly the most talented driver that I think we have had in one of our cars.”

It’s not always been plain-sailing for Verstappen, who made his debut in F1 at just 17 in 2015.

After winning on his debut for Red Bull in 2016, Verstappen often found himself on the wrong end of incidents.

Several collisions during the first part of 2018 put Verstappen under increased scrutiny.

However, from the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix onwards, Verstappen seemed to change his approach, although his aggressive nature remains apparent.

Horner revealed that he had an “open” conversation with Verstappen after his torrid weekend in Monaco 2018 - the race before Canada.

“I was open with him,” he added. “I told him: ‘You are more than quick enough, you don’t have to win every battle in the first corner.

“Take your time.’ He went away, had a think about things and the driver that turned up at the next round in Montreal, well, he was like a metronome.”