Ricciardo sent Haas driver Magnussen spinning on the opening lap of Sunday’s race at Interlagos. After being pitched into a spin, Magnussen’s car then clipped Ricciardo’s McLaren, forcing both to retire. 

After speaking to both drivers and examining footage and data from the incident, the Sao Paulo stewards deemed that Ricciardo was entirely to blame for the coming together. 

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“Ricciardo made contact with Magnussen at turn eight on lap one, which caused Magnussen to spin, and subsequently both cars crashed,” they said. 

“McLaren explained that in their view Magnussen was slower at the exit of turn eight than the other cars ahead, which made it difficult to judge the closing rate, as the two cars interacted.

“Ricciardo explained that in his view, he had slowed sufficiently that he was not going to collide with Magnussen and that he slightly misjudged it.

“The stewards acknowledged that the incident was not reckless. However, they determined that the incident was between two cars and was not influenced by multiple other cars and is therefore not a ‘first lap incident.’ The stewards determined that Magnussen drove in a normal manner for that corner, and that he did not make any erratic moves.

“Thus the stewards determine that Ricciardo was wholly to blame for the incident and issue a drop of three grid places for the next event.”

Ricciardo will serve the grid drop at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, in what will mark his final appearance for McLaren, and potentially his last race in F1

"I’m disappointed as it’s always difficult when your race is over so quickly,” said Ricciardo. 

"I touched the back of Kevin and it’s a shame. I think the biggest disappointment is that it was such a small touch, but it had massive consequences. 

“I didn’t expect him to spin, I guess that was just the angle that we touched and it just unloaded his rear. 

“I feel most times, a small touch like that, you can get away with it. So it was pretty unfortunate for both of us.”