Johnny Herbert reveals Damon Hill’s words after his Sky Sports axe

Johnny Herbert has revealed the kind words from fellow ex-racer Damon Hill after he was axed from Sky Sports’ F1 coverage.
Johnny Herbert reveals Damon Hill’s words after his Sky Sports axe

Herbert had been a pundit for the UK broadcaster for over a decade before he was surprisingly ditched in advance of this season.

“"It was disappointing and a bit of a surprise,” he said to Ice36. “But as Damon said to me I had had a good eleven years. 

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“It’s given me an opportunity to look at other things and knock on people’s doors which I had not done for a long while. I am very fortunate being an ex-driver and winning races that it helps.” 

Herbert previously said about his exit: "I didn’t decide to step away – I thought everything was going ahead!" "And then I got a call in December, I think it was, when I was told things were changing.

"It wasn't explained why or what was changing. There was a mention of social media stuff and that was about it, really. I don't really know.

Johnny Herbert reveals Damon Hill’s words after his Sky Sports axe

"I was always aware – at Sky they do these subscriber checks where you're given points out of 10 – and I've always known I was always quite popular on that side. It's a shame, but I'm over it. Moving on."

Herbert added to Ice36 about the F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix: “I’m looking forward to it because it always turns up things which make it an interesting race. 

“We have got the sprint; some people like it, some people don’t. I like the concept of what we have got over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

“I always found that Friday was a waste of time, just a data collection exercise over two sessions. 

“Now you’ve got the qualifying for Sunday’s race on Friday, and Saturday qualifying for the sprint race. 

“There is entertainment for everybody, every single day. I like the concept. 

“People say there is a risk factor in the sprint, but there is a risk factor in F1 anyway. I don’t see that as part of an argument not to have them. But I hope Baku is the right track that gives us a little bit more entertainment.” 

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