Verstappen kept Red Bull’s winning streak alive in Barcelona and strengthened his grip on this year’s championship hunt, but was joined on the podium by both Mercedes drivers.

There was no awkwardness between the former rival factions in the post-race arena - in fact, their meeting soon turned into hilarity.

Did Mercedes' Upgrades in Monaco ACTUALLY Work?

Hamilton said to Russell: “Are you getting on it?”

Seemingly misunderstanding, Russell replied: “Well, I am staying an extra night. So why not?”

Hamilton laughed: “No, I said…”

After the amusement died down, the conversation turned to the race that had just ended.

Hamilton asked Russell: “Did you just pass everybody?”

Russell replied: “Yeah - I passed Fernando, Carlos, maybe Stroll, Ocon maybe. I can’t really remember now.”

Verstappen asked: “Did you undercut someone?”

Russell: “No, I passed most on track. Probably overcut.

“I thought it was raining at one point, but it was sweat from my head spraying onto the visor!”