Lawrence Stroll blames “unfortunate amount of bad luck” for Lance’s poor 2023

Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll has cited an “unfortunate amount of bad luck” when explaining Lance Stroll's disappointing 2023 season.
Lance Stroll (CDN) Aston Martin F1 Team.
Lance Stroll (CDN) Aston Martin F1 Team.

The 24-year-old sits 136 points behind teammate Fernando Alonso in the drivers’ championship.

Alonso has scored seven podiums to Stroll’s zero, with the team set to be overtaken by McLaren for fourth in the F1 2023 constructors’ championship.

Stroll has failed to score a single point since the summer break, while he’s been knocked out in Q1 in the last four consecutive races.

Ironically, his best form came in the early races when he was still recovering from a broken wrist following a cycling accident pre-season.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Lawrence Stroll defended his son’s performances in 2023, highlighting the “bad luck” he’s had to endure.

"Lance started the year on the back foot with two broken wrists for the first half-dozen races, which was very challenging, but really did a heroic job - and he's had an unfortunate amount of bad luck," Stroll said.

Lance Stroll (CDN) Aston Martin F1 Team AMR23. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 18, Qatar Grand Prix, Doha, Qatar, Sprint
Lance Stroll (CDN) Aston Martin F1 Team AMR23. Formula 1 World…

"He's had nine retirements due to engine failures, or a rear-wing fail [at the Japanese Grand Prix]. 

"Half of the races it hasn't been anything to do with his own abilities, he has just had a lot of bad luck, sadly."

Aston Martin are now just 11 points ahead of McLaren in the race for P4 going into this weekend’s United States Grand Prix.

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