Esteban Gutierrez has been cleared of any blame his race suspending collision with Fernando Alonso during the Australian Grand Prix.

Alonso was sent into a terrifying barrel roll after striking the back of Gutierrez's Haas' car on lap 18 at turn three, clipping the barrier and digging into the gravel. Despite the severity of the impact, which ended with the McLaren upturned against the barrier, Alonso and Gutierrez walked away unhurt.

Gutierrez was put under investigation for possible cause after seeming to slow quickly, but stewards found 'no driver was wholly or predominantely to blame'.

Indeed, Alonso said he felt there was no-one to blame and even suggested he could have been a fault for getting too close and not judging the distances properly.

"If he braked early it is because he is braking for his own racing line and I should anticipate that too. You focus on the slipstream and you only see a rear wing and I probably was late. Now there is no point to say more than that, we are both OK."