Lewis Hamilton could see his salary increase by 30 times, according to a story in today's Daily Mail, if he becomes the 2007 world champion.

Reports suggest that Hamilton's salary for 2007 was something in the region of ?340,000, although point bonuses may have seen that figure smash through the ?1 million mark already. Despite this success, such an enormous rise in salary for a driver entering his second year is unprecedented in Formula 1.

However, Anthony Hamilton (Lewis' father and manager) insists that they have not pressured the McLaren team into offering the 22 year-old rookie a pay rise.

"We won't be asking for anything. We will be waiting as normal to be given things. It's much better to do that than ask for them. But I am sure we won't have to wait long."

"It is the same contract that we signed when we signed up for this job. But everything changes after a while," he added.

Hamilton's earning potential has been much talked about in Formula 1, with Kimi Raikkonen's manager David Robertson saying: "It is totally believable that Lewis could one day be the first driver on ?50m-a-year and earn as much from other ventures." Providing, of course, that the Hamiltons can secure free reign to pursue those 'other ventures' from Ron Dennis.

Lewis Hamilton has to finish ahead of Alonso in at least fifth place to secure the championship in Shanghai.



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