The Kyalami circuit is unlikely to return to the Formula 1 calendar in the near-future due to the “prohibitive costs” of staging a grand prix. 

The last South African Grand Prix was held at Kyalami in 1993, with the circuit also hosting the race the previous year and between 1965-1985. The track underwent extensive renovation in 2014 in a bid to align it closer to the standard required to host a modern-day grand prix.

Such redevelopments prompted speculation that the circuit was targeting a potential return to the F1 calendar, but Kyalami circuit chiefs have poured cold water over the liklihood of such a move happening at present. 

“Kyalami would welcome Formula 1 at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit again,” circuit spokesperson Christo Kruger told F1 Fanatic. “We think there’s a heritage that we would like to see back again. I also think the African continent deserves an actual Formula 1 race again.

“But the prohibitive costs of hosting Formula 1 is really the bugbear. It’s just not financially feasible in the current structure to host Formula 1.”

While the track does not currently hold the FIA grade one licence required to host a round of the F1 world championship, Kyalami chiefs are willing to make the necessary changes, providing new F1 owners Liberty Media show signs of committing to a long-term future for the sport in the African continent. 

“Kyalami remains there as a facility and we are prepared to enter into negotiations and discussions to upgrade or to change the actual the circuit to what is palatable for Formula 1 racing. 

“It’s an FIA grade two track at the moment, we will upgrade to grade one but there needs to be commitment in terms of a long-term future for Formula 1 in South Africa. But we do not have the financial wherewithal to be the promoter for a Formula 1 race.”

Liberty Media is keen on expanding the current calendar and has made it clear it would like to bring in additions that boast F1 heritage, as well as exploring new locations. A street race in Cape Town has been mooted as another potential venue, but Kruger believes the suggestion is nothing more than a “pipe dream”, adding Kyalami is the only feasible option for a South African Grand Prix return. 




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