FIA president Jean Todt says he wants Formula 1’s regulations for 2021 and beyond to be agreed upon as soon as possible.

F1’s landscape from post-2021 is currently under discussion, with teams and manufacturers holding negotiations with the FIA and FOM over how the future direction of the sport should look.

An emphasis has been placed on a bid to improve the show and reduce costs, while also building a set of regulations that appeal to possible new entrants. Last year new F1 owners Liberty Media unveiled a blueprint of engine regulations for 2021, which was met by criticism from leading teams Mercedes and Ferrari, and led to the Scuderia issuing its latest F1 quit threat. 

McLaren boss Zak Brown and Red Bull team principal Christian Horner recently suggested that F1’s rules for 2021 need to set in stone by midway through the 2018 season, in order to provide teams and engine manufacturers with enough time to prepare. 

“I would say the soonest is the best. It’s fair to everybody,” Todt replied when asked if a mid-season resolution target was realistic. “Everybody should know what will be the rules of the game, so as soon as we can do it we will do it. 

“It’s a work in process. We are just starting the 2018 Formula 1 season and we are now also working on the 2021 regulations. Clearly - and it’s something I’ve instructed our people - I think it would be very unfair to destroy all of what has been done on the engine to start with a completely white piece of paper.

“So for me it is essential that we optimize what has been developed, what is known. We know that technology is progressing very much. Not only on complication but also on simplification, so the whole idea is to work on what are the engine rules now and make them better.”

Todt "optimistic” about reaching agreed solution 

Despite facing opposition from the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari, Todt said he is confident of reaching a solution that everyone can agree to. 

“Unfortunately there is a very selective memory and a few months ago we all sat together and we all agreed unanimously on certain adaptations of the engine for the future. 

‘The parameters were on the global framework of the actual engine we should have a cheaper engine, more revs, no fuel consumption limitation - being able to go from the first lap to the last lap on full power - increase the fuel flow, improve the noise, hybrid, simpler and to encourage new entrants.

“Everybody agreed on this mandate. So I’m intending that they will respect what they agreed and I am intended that we will respect what we agreed. 

“I am optimistic that we will be able to find a solution. I think we need to be fair to the investments which have been done in Formula 1. Clearly we don’t want to use anybody as a whole or anybody as an engine supplier.”

Though Todt does not feel F1 will necessarily have an resolution in place by the next Strategy Group meeting, which is scheduled to take place on April 17.

“Let’s forget the Strategy Group. I do believe that we will find a solution. I believe so. Are we going to find a solution on 17th of April? I do not think that on the 17th April suddenly we will have a solution which will suit everybody but I am convinced that we will be able to find a solution.

“For me, in life, if you have some shared good sense you will always find solutions. If you are with lunatic people then you never find solutions. But I think if we put some sensible people around the table we will find solutions.”