FIA president Jean Todt says Formula 1 must be “more positive” about its current cycle of engine regulations and can promote the benefits of its initiatives better. 

F1 moved away from traditional combustion engines in favour of a switch to V6 hybrid power units in 2014 in a move to better reflect road relevance, though the sport’s current formula has drawn criticism for a lack of noise and the complicated nature of its new technologies. 

But speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, Todt stressed that F1 needs to be “responsible” for what the move represents as part of the “evolution of society”.

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“We need to be more positive [about F1],” Todt told Sky Sports. 

“We must stop speaking about things being complicated because we are the only category of motorsport where people do not sell well the product. 

“It is just an evolution of motoring. If you take a car 40 years ago, you did not have safety belts, you did not have airbags, you did not have electronic stability control, you did not have an iPhone, or an iPad - all of that is part of the evolution of society.

“We must get the best out of it and I think it would be completely irrelevant to declare that we are going to use a simple combustion engine. Of course it would be simpler, but it would not be accepted by society. 

“We talk about pollution, we speak about climate change and the pinnacle of motorsport should know that it is simply not possible, so we must be responsible.” 

Todt “optimistic” about 2021 and Concorde Agreement talks 

Todt also provided an update on F1’s plans for its next overhaul of regulation changes scheduled for 2021 following the expiration of the current Concorde Agreement at the end of 2020. 

Teams are currently in negotiations with F1 over the future landscape of the sport, with plans centred around lowering costs and creating a level playing field to increase competition and ultimately attract potential new manufacturers. 

Todt, who said he is targeting increasing the current number of entries from 10 to 12, insisted he is “optimistic” about the progress being made behind-the-scenes. 

“It’s normal when you are talking about a renewal of an agreement you have a discussion,” he explained. 

“You have so many different interests that you have to put together but I’m optimistic that it’s a question of time before everything is under control.

“I don’t think it will look radically different,” he added. “It is around good evolutions and I am sure it is going to happen. We have very skilled people who are working in this direction.” 



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