Former Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has named the three reasons that he believes explains why Fernando Alonso never won a Formula 1 world championship with the team. 

The two-time world champion raced for Ferrari for five years between 2010 and 2014, finishing runner-up in the title race on three occasions in 2010, 2012 and 2013 before ultimately leaving to return to McLaren, having grown frustrated at Ferrari.  

Montezemolo, who was in charge of the Italian squad during Alonso’s spell at Ferrari, felt the Spaniard’s complex character played a role in him never winning a title.



Speaking to F1’s official ‘Beyond The Grid’ podcast, Montezemolo said: “Number one, to be honest, he was unlucky to be in Ferrari when Red Bull was in the same, or very close to being, as Ferrari at the beginning of the 2000s. 

"The second, I don't like to but I have to say this, he was unlucky. He lost the championship in Brazil for instance in 2012 when Sebastian [Vettel] in the first lap crashed with [Bruno] Senna.

"Or, when the team made a big mistake in 2010, when it was enough to arrive fourth, and we lose the championship at the last race. So assuming one of the two was good, he would have won the championship. 

"Third, his character. The biggest difference between Michael [Schumacher], and also Niki [Lauda] - he was Alonso - not Alonso [with] Ferrari.

"When he wins, he's happy. When he doesn't win, it's the problem of the team, he's unhappy. In other words he's less close to the team than Michael and Niki. Particularly in the difficult moments. To be close to the team in the good moments is easy.”

Alonso responded to a social media post from F1 - which quoted Montezemolo saying Alonso was unhappy and blamed the team when he failed to win - and claimed the president had “never said that”. 

“Alonso for me along with [Lewis] Hamilton and Vettel is the best driver and in the race very close to Michael, a fantastic driver - was, and is," Montezemolo added. “He lost the championships not for his mistakes.

"In normal conditions, without the mistakes of the team in 2010, and without Vettel very, very lucky in the last race [in 2012].

"If he won one championship, today we're talking about something different - we're talking that Alonso, despite for many years he hasn't got the best car, he was able to win the championship. But Alonso is very, very strong.”


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