Ross Brawn has labelled Formula 1’s 1000th grand prix as the “brightest symbol” of the championship’s history and a “great opportunity” to build on for the future.

F1 celebrates its 1000th race at this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix, while discussions continue behind the scenes to finalise the future landscape of the championship beyond 2020.

Negotiations about how F1 should look when the next set of major regulations comes into effect from the 2021 season are well underway, with emphasis being placed on creating greater, fairer competition and ultimately improving the spectacle.

Speaking in a feature for the FIA’s AUTO magazine, Brawn, F1’s managing director of motorsport, promised to continue the push to make the sport “even more spectacular.”

"This is an opportunity to trace out a new path for a sport that has few rivals, in terms of the spectacle it offers and its global reach,” he explained.

"F1 has an amazing history from which to move forward and this 1000th grand prix is its brightest symbol.

"We want to make Formula 1 ever more spectacular, with more unpredictable racing and endow it with sustainability, both financially and ecologically. We are all working together to achieve this and I am very optimistic, as we are starting from an incredibly solid base.

"For example, there's the whole story of the power unit, which is a masterpiece of technology and efficiency. There is also a common will to improve.

"All of us who love this sport know that the world is changing fast and we want the next generation of Formula 1 to keep pace with these changes, keeping in mind that, at the heart of it all, are the people, be they at the wheel of a car, in the grandstands at the race track or in front of a TV screen or watching on a mobile device.”

F1 CEO Chase Carey stressed he will not be “afraid” to make changes or take advantage of new opportunities in attempts to improve the championship, while continuing to appreciate its history.

“Since I joined Formula 1, I have been asked many times how our future will be affected by changes in technology and in society,” Carey added.

“The world is changing but we believe motor sport, and drivers, have a great future. The key to bringing about that future lies in building upon what has made motor sport great, to cherish our past, while not being afraid to change or to take advantage of new opportunities.

“At Formula 1 we believe the marriage of great competition and incredible technology, our rich history, world class spectacle, and the engagement of fans worldwide in new and exciting ways will provide an exciting future.

“Of course, for many fans, what truly sets motorsport apart is the shock and awe. The power, speed, and sound are unlike anything else. The first race I attended was the Singapore GP of 2016 and it was astounding. You never forget your first live race.”