Sergey Sirotkin has become the official reserve Formula 1 driver for both Renault and McLaren following an agreement between the two teams for the remainder of the season.

McLaren went into the 2019 without an official reserve driver after promoting Lando Norris to a full-time race seat following Fernando Alonso’s retirement from F1.

Sirotkin, who contested the 2018 F1 campaign with Williams before being dropped, was named Renault’s back-up driver for this season alongside his World Endurance Championship commitments with SMP Racing.

Ahead of the French Grand Prix, McLaren and Renault have reached an agreement to see the Russian act as reserve driver at both teams for the remainder of 2019.

“McLaren and Renault have reached an agreement for McLaren to have access to our Third and Reserve driver Sergey Sirotkin,” a Renault statement read. “If Carlos Sainz or Lando Norris are unable to complete a full race weekend in 2019.

“Sergey remains our official Reserve, but McLaren can call upon his services this season if needed.”

Sirotkin is pleased to see the agreement kick-in from this weekend and will work inside both the Renault and McLaren camps.

“McLaren is a legendary team and I’m happy to have this opportunity to work with them, join their history, see from the inside how the team and drivers work,” Sirotkin. “I also thank SMP Racing and Renault for their support.”

“This is an expedient solution for McLaren in 2019,” Andreas Seidl, McLaren F1 team principal, added. “Sergey is a known quantity, has the necessary super licence points and is formally aligned to our engine provider, Renault, so he is the obvious candidate.”