Charles Leclerc has demanded an explanation from his Ferrari Formula 1 team over its strategy in the Singapore Grand Prix.

Leclerc led from pole and looked to be in controlling proceedings in Singapore before Ferrari decided to pit teammate Sebastian Vettel, who was running third at the time, first.

Ferrari stopped Leclerc on the following lap but Vettel’s pace advantage on fresh tyres meant he ended up undercutting Leclerc into the lead once the Monegasque driver came into the pits.

Leclerc was irked by the situation and repeatedly asked for clarification from Ferrari over team radio throughout the remainder of the race. He ultimately finished second behind Vettel, who claimed his fifth career win at Singapore to bring his victory drought to an end after more than a year.

Speaking after the race, Leclerc said: “I was surprised because I was not aware in the car, but I guess if this decision has been made, it was for good for the team and it had to be the only way for us to do a one-two.

"If this is the case then I completely understand but obviously from the car it is a bit frustrating.

“I don’t think I could have done things much better or differently. The only thing I will probably do is ask a bit more about strategy around me, who is pitting and who is not because I was not aware.

“So I don’t know if I should have pushed more in the first stint. We have plenty of data and we will analyse it.

“I was quite often on radio, but as soon as Safety Car went away then I focused on my job and tried to do the best of my race.

“As soon as I thought more about the situation after, you see things a bit differently, even though I still need some explanations to understand fully why this decision was taken.

"It’s always frustrating in the car because you only see your situation and you don’t see everything else.”

Leclerc revealed the specific scenario was not discussed prior to the race but insisted the level of communication within the team is “very good”.

“We didn’t speak about that plan at all,” he said. “This will be one of the discussions, to try and understand why we didn’t speak about that situation before.

“But it’s impossible to go through all the possibilities in a race. All of them are unique.

“The level of how much we speak in the team is very good,” he added.

“There will always be situations you don’t speak about otherwise the meetings would be eight hours longer, and I don’t want that, they are already very long!

“I think it is very good the way we work but then there will always be situations you don’t agree with.”



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