Renault Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo says he feels “disgraced” by the stewards decision to exclude him from qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix.

After qualifying eighth in Singapore, Ricciardo was thrown out of the final classification after his Renault was found to have exceeded the maximum permitted MGU-K power output during Q1.

Renault claimed Ricciardo gained just one microsecond through the power unit spike, which resulted in the Australian starting from the back of the grid.

Ricciardo fought through the field but ultimately finished 14th after a late collision with Antonio Giovinazzi forced him into an unscheduled pit stop for a puncture.

Asked how he reacted to the news of the penalty, Ricciardo replied: “Disgracefully. I had a very restless night sleep trying to go through it in my head, why that penalty would be so harsh.

“For me, it happened on one occurrence on one lap. If it was happening at the same corner every lap throughout the session, I would not complain at all.

"It’s like track limits, you go off and gain and advantage, delete that lap. We didn’t even gain an advantage from this and yet they delete the whole session.

“I was disgraced by that. I voiced my opinion and I will keep voicing it. They are doing all the great things by letting us race on track and all that, but then what’s the point of not giving penalties on track but then giving a massive penalty for something that’s out of my control.

“I have some strong words for them, but I’ll leave that,” he added. “I think you know what I feel. They ruined my weekend.

“A 12-hour flight return, I feel was bit for nothing. So maybe they will pay for my seat on the way home tomorrow.

“[There’s] a lot of anger, and you feel hard done by because I’ve never pissed off anyone there personally. I don’t have a grudge on anyone. I’d think just a bit of common sense would prevail.”



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