Lance Stroll is eyeing his first podium finish since the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix after qualifying third for Sunday's Hungarian Grand Prix.

Racing Point impressed in qualifying at the Hungaroring and will see its cars start from third and fourth on the grid.

It was the first time the Canadian driver has made Q3 at the Hungarian Grand Prix in his Formula 1 career and Stroll is hopeful he can convert his strong starting position into his second career podium finish - although he expects to be under serious pressure from team-mate Sergio Perez.

"Yes. I think he’s [Perez] starting fourth? Yeah, I guess so," Stroll said. "Everybody’s entitled to race out there, so I hope we get to race hard. He’s going to fight for the podium, I’m going to fight for the podium.

"[I] Haven’t been on the podium in like two or three years so I’m hoping we can have a good start and a good race. Been a while since I stood on the podium, I could do that again one of these days, that was nice… "

Racing Point is one of only two teams who progressed into the final part of qualifying on the medium tyres.

Stroll says it was a gamble worth taking and he's confident it will give Racing Point the advantage over its nearest competitors - Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren.

“For sure, it was a gamble, but you know that’s going to put us in a good position for tomorrow so I’m really happy that we managed to get through on the mediums and my lap at the end really felt like it was spot on.

“It always feels great when you put it all together at the end of qualifying. There’s a big smile under here.”