The Alfa Romeo driver’s penalty has been converted into 20 seconds added to his race time, while he has also received two penalty points on his licence for his late clash with Vettel.

Following an investigation, the stewards deemed that Raikkonen was to blame for the coming together after adjudging the Finn to have closed the door on Vettel coming out of Turn 5.

The contact caused Vettel’s Aston Martin to spear into the wall on the left-hand side of the track and resulted in double-waved flags.

“The stewards heard from the driver of Car 7 (Kimi Raikkonen), the driver of Car 5 (Sebastian Vettel), team representatives and reviewed video evidence,” the stewards said.

“Exiting T5 RAI closed the door on VET, which caused a collision taking both cars off the track.”

Speaking about the accident, Raikkonen said: "Obviously our wheels touched and off we went…. Unfortunate end but it didn’t change much, because we were both out of the points, but I’ll have to see it from the outside.

"I saw him there, but I don’t know how we ended up touching. I don’t know if I move or he moved... I’ll have to see it [again]."

Meanwhile, Williams driver George Russell has been cleared of any wrongdoing after being summoned to the stewards for allegedly moving under braking in defence of Raikkonen.

“The stewards believe that RUS left the steering straight and left one car width at the entrance to turn 4,” the stewards explained.

“The stewards were happy that the movement was not dangerous or erratic and accepted the explanation of the driver.”

Eight drivers are also under investigation for failing to respect the double-waved yellows shown following the incident involving Vettel and Raikkonen.