The second sprint races for F2 and F3 have been cancelled, while F2’s first sprint race has been scheduled for after Formula 1 qualifying. 

F2’s feature race will take place on Sunday morning, just after F3’s final race of the weekend.

With heavy rain expected ahead of the weekend, the FIA moved the first F3 sprint race to Friday afternoon. 

The second F3 sprint race was scheduled to take place at 1140 local time but it was cancelled in hope that F2 could get its first sprint race underway after it was postponed in the morning.

While conditions have improved in Sochi, the FIA confirmed that there would be no track action until F1 qualifying as it waits for the local airport to re-open so the medical helicopter can fly. 

Heavy rain is expected to remain throughout Saturday, while Sunday's forecast is better albeit still wet.

Revised F2 schedule

Sprint Race 1 (Saturday) - 1645 local time / 1445 BST

Feature Race (Sunday) - 1120 local time / 0920 BST

Revised F3 schedule 

Feature race (Sunday) - 0955 local time / 0755 BST