Bastianini got the nod ahead of Jack Miller and Jorge Martin to move up into the Lenovo Ducati Team in the 2023 MotoGP rider line-up, alongside new world champion Bagnaia.

The two young Italians have already battled thrillingly wheel-to-wheel in 2022 - even after Bastianini was confirmed as Bagnaia’s future teammate.

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At some points it felt like the biggest threat to Bagnaia’s first MotoGP championship was the rider who would join him in 2023.

Bastianini said to La Gazzetta dello Sport after the Valencia test when he debuted on the factory bike: "We immediately started talking with Pecco, it is important that there is a good relationship between us.

“The climate in the garage is fantastic, being his teammate is a nice stimulus. 

“I'm happy that Pecco is world champion and I'll be happy if I beat him."

Bastianini, who graduated from Gresini Racing, said about his first day in Ducati red: "When I entered the garage I was excited. 

“I couldn't wait to see how it worked with so many people around.

"This is why I initially tried to work alone, also to have a first imprint with Marco Rigamonti [the crew chief).

"From today a lot will be asked of me. The first approach was amazing, nice to hear that they listen to you and help in everything. 

“The new bike? Beautiful, I found it very precise, it allows you to make the same lines at every turn. I only crashed because I caught a pothole at Turn 6."