Freight problems cause Australian MotoGP paddock opening to be delayed

A cargo plane is reportedly still in the air causing delays to the arrival of freight, a big headache for teams ahead of the Australian MotoGP.
Freight, paddock , Indian MotoGP, 21 September
Freight, paddock , Indian MotoGP, 21 September

The paddock will therefore not be open to teams from midday Wednesday, and will be delayed until 8am Thursday when the freight has hopefully arrived, Speedweek report.

The freight is travelling from last weekend’s Indonesian MotoGP to this weekend’s Australian round at Phillip Island.

Teams are permitted to set up their offices on Wednesday, though, but only with equipment that has arrived in Australia via boat.

But no freight that includes any motorcycle parts can be touched until the new 8am Thursday deadline.

No delay is expected, at the moment, to Friday practice.

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