Pit Beirer: MotoGP making ‘smart’ technical changes for 2027

The future technical regulations for the MotoGP World Championship are taking shape.

Pit Beirer
Pit Beirer

The revised MotoGP technical rules for the next contract cycle with the manufacturers, starting from 2027, are yet to be officially announced.

But the main areas of change are now clear: Reduced aero, removal of ride height devices (although maybe not holeshot devices) and a smaller engine capacity to reduce top speeds, probably dropping from 1,000cc to 850cc.

KTM motorsport director Pit Beirer not only backs such ‘smart decisions' but questioned if some of them could even be implemented before 2027.

“I feel some very smart decisions have been made for the 2027 regulations,”  Beirer said. “Maybe one or the other idea we should even discuss if it would not make sense to make the changes earlier.

“But, in general, I think to take out a little bit of extreme technology which is influencing the riding style, the riding itself… 

"We should take out a little bit to give the tool a bit more back to the rider to decide ‘when I brake, when I pass, how I manage the race, how I manage the front tyre’.

“But looking to ’27, reducing engine capacity, getting rid of ride-height devices, limiting the aerodynamic size of the package, the wings and stuff, they are all the right decisions for sure.

“So I feel everybody is aware of what’s going on and things are going in the right direction.”

MotoGP has already agreed to introduce 40% non-fossil origin fuel from this season, rising to 100% from 2027.

Meanwhile, looking at the racing calendar, which is due to feature a record 22 Grands Prix this season, Beirer admitted his preference would be for “two or three rounds less, but in the same format. 

"I would not question the Sprint races, I think they are really great for the sport.”

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