KTM: ‘We want to make Brad Binder happy, ready to win’ 2024 MotoGP title

KTM believe they have the package and riders to fight for the 2024 MotoGP championship.


Brad Binder was the best non-Ducati rider last season as he proved on many occasions why he’s tipped to be a title contender in 2024.

Ducati have the best package on the grid, and given their stunning rider line-up, winning the title for another manufacturer appears to be a tall task.

However, KTM looked very strong at the Sepang test and Binder was leading the way for the Austrian brand.

Binder’s performances in races has never been questioned, but after making big improvements over one lap in 2023, a title push could very well be on the cards heading into the new season.

That’s what KTM Motorsport Director, Pit Beirer is also hoping for. Asked by MotoGP.com if he feels KTM are ready, Beirer said: “Yes! It’s massive to be in MotoGP and there’s so much we had to learn, we had to build infrastructure and it started with a brand new workshop. 

“We had to get all the right people onboard and bring better knowledge to our company. We had to grow and some things you can build overnight if you’re not patient.

“We are trying to make the shortcut wherever it is possible but some things also need time and you need some experience.

“We have some great engineers at KTM but they also needed to learn some things.

“But I feel like the package is very complete now and we have people in the right positions. The rider line-up makes me very happy. We have had these MotoGP wins and achieved a lot.

“Last season we were fourth in the championship and second in the manufacturer’s, but our big dream is to fight for the world championship. I think we’re ready to do that in 2024.”

KTM’s line-up is a very impressive one as they also have Jack Miller, hotshot Pedro Acosta and Augusto Fernandez aboard their RC16 machines.

But a title challenge is likely to come from Binder, and Beirer believes the South African deserves to be rewarded for his patience with KTM over the years.

“Working with Brad for so many years is really special,” said Beirer. “He’s not just a rider; he has become a great friend over the years and for me, the biggest compliment is when a rider is re-signing with the team when he could go elsewhere.

“Brad often had the opportunity to do something else but he wanted to stay with us. There were moments in the project where the bike was not on point, but he was always pushing and pushing.

“I remember how many difficult Saturday’s and qualifying's we had but then in the race he fixed it. he ‘s a force to bring home points on Sunday and the spirit he gives to us, to the engineers - he did so much work for us.

“We want to make him happy and he did so much work for us to put in the basement [work] so he should be there to bring home the earnings.

“I feel like we are really close now but we are really close to Brad as a person. He has stuck with us through good and bad days. It’s a good, strong marriage.”

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