Gigi Dall’Igna warned against “wait” to name 2025 factory Ducati duo

"Does Gigi Dall’Igna wait? Because he can. He holds all the cards."

Gigi Dall'Igna
Gigi Dall'Igna

Gigi Dall’Igna has been reminded that delaying his decision over Ducati’s 2025 rider duo could backfire.

Choosing Francesco Bagnaia’s teammate in red next season is a crucial decision which the entire rider market is waiting for.

Enea Bastianini’s contract expires although he has shown good form this season, while Jorge Martin and Marc Marquez are also candidates.

“The three big names are Pedro Acosta - he’ll stay where he is, in KTM,” assessed Neil Hodgson on TNT Sports.

“But where’s Marc going? And where’s our championship leader going?

“They are the two with question marks.

“There are loads of rumours but we don’t know where they will end up.

“Marc wants a factory bike, so does Martin.

“There is a factory ride available next to Bagnaia, that’s the seat everybody wants. Who will get it?

“The championship leader is Martin and he wants it - you’d have to say, he’s the favourite.

“But does Gigi Dall’Igna wait? Because he can. He holds all the cards.

“But, by waiting, you might miss Martin because he might not want to wait too long.

“He’ll [might] get an opportunity to ride at Aprilia who have produced an incredible motorcycle that is capable of winning the championship.”

Sylvain Guintoli added: “It’s all kicking off behind the scenes.

“The major players are signed - Bagnaia, Binder, Quartararo. I think it will fall into place quickly.

“It’s a given that [KTM] will move Acosta quickly into the factory team.

“[Bastianini] has not done anything wrong. Last season was ruined by injury which wasn’t his fault.

“[Ducati] might wait. There could be a block at the top because they are waiting for the Ducati factory ride, for example, and things will go into the summer.”

Suzi Perry replied: “I’d sign Marc…”

Guintoli said: “But what if Martin wins the championship and takes the #1 somewhere else?”

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