Jorge Martin reacts to crashing from German MotoGP lead to surrender title edge

After crashing out of the German MotoGP lead, Jorge Martin pledges: “I will learn from this. I will get back to winning and that's it.”

Jorge Martin, 2024 German MotoGP
Jorge Martin, 2024 German MotoGP

Jorge Martin was two laps away from extending his MotoGP World Championship lead with a perfect double victory in Germany.

But it ended in disaster when he lost the front and slid off at Turn 1 on the penultimate lap, gifting the race victory and title lead to Francesco Bagnaia and leaving the Pramac Ducati rider with his head in his hands.

“I cannot explain a lot. It's difficult to analyse at the moment,” Martin told TNT Sports.

“I think we did an amazing job today until the crash. It’s frustrating for sure. It's a pity after doing such an amazing race, but we have to move forward. 

"We have to get back up. And I think today is a really important day for my career. I will learn from this. I will get back to winning and that's it.”

“We've been struggling a lot with the front all tweekend,” Martin added, when asked if there was any warning.

“Corner 1 was one of those places, but I didn't expect to crash. For sure I felt some movements over there but nothing special.

“So now we just need to move forward and for sure we need to accept this.”

Martin will have the summer break to mull over his mistake before arriving at Silverstone early next month with a 10-point deficit to Bagnaia.

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