The Grand Prix Commission, composed of Dorna, FIM, IRTA and the MSMA, has announced the following decisions regarding the 2014 MotoGP technical rules.

The updated rules confirm many of the previously announced control ECU details - 20 litres of fuel per race for factory entries using their own software compared with 24 litres for privateers running the full control ECU, five engines per season for factory riders compared with twelve for privateers.

However further details have been added regarding 'Factory Status', which it now appears can be chosen by any motorcycle or chassis manufacturer rather than restricted to official (factory/satellite) entries by an MSMA (manufacturers association) member.

That appears to open the door for chassis manufacturers to run full factory-spec MotoGP engines/electronics (if they can acquire them) under the same technical regulations as Honda, Yamaha and Ducati. The current restriction of four bikes per manufacturer remains, but there is no mention of only two entries at each factory team and the rest at satellite teams. Should this end it would not, in theory, change the specification of the bikes on offer - manufacturers can already field four full-factory machines if they wish - but it could mean more riders being run directly by factory teams.

The rules also confirm that new MotoGP manufacturers can have nine engines in their first year. One question that remains is whether Suzuki, which has announced a MotoGP return for 2015, will be considered a 'new' manufacturer, having pulled out at the end of 2011.

No mention is made regarding the possibility of converting a factory bike into a privateer machine simply by fitting the full control ECU system, something Ducati is considering offering for 2014, through modification of this year's Desmosedici GP13.

The wording of the rules suggests that the top class of MotoGP bikes will simply be called 'Factory' next year, while a new name will also be needed for the 2014 privateer class, to replace 'CRT' ('Claiming Rule Team'). It has already been announced that the 'claiming rule' will be removed completely at the end of this year.

The full text of the latest 2014 ECU rules can be seen below:

MotoGP Class - Effective 2014
Electronics (ECU) Regulations

A detailed specification and permitted options were confirmed.

The use of the official MotoGP ECU, including an internal datalogger, and the official MotoGP software package is compulsory.

Maximum fuel capacity is 24 litres.

Maximum number of engines per rider, per season, is 12.

Factory Status
Each Manufacturer, (including motorcycle manufacturers and chassis manufacturers), can choose to enter up to 4 riders for the season who will participate with "Factory" status.

The use of the official MotoGP ECU is compulsory. However manufacturers are permitted to develop and use their own software.

Maximum fuel capacity is 20 litres.

Maximum number of engines per rider, per season, is five. (Nine Engines for the first year of participation by a new manufacturer).

Engines are subject to the engine homologation regulations which mandate frozen engine design and internal parts. (New Manufacturers are not subject to frozen engine design and internal parts in their first season of participation).


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