Cal Crutchlow is undergoing checks at the Le Mans Medical Centre after a huge highside at the French MotoGP.

The LCR rider was thrown over the top of this RCV in the closing stages of Qualifying 1, landing heavily on his hip.

Fortunately, the Englishman was able to give a thumbs-up as he was taken to a waiting ambulance on a stretcher.

"Cal was conscious and never lost consciousness, so the head is okay," said MotoGP's Doctor Zasa. "He arrived at the Medical Centre complaining of hip pain, so at the moment he is under some checks and investigations here for this pain on the hip.

"The pain is getting a bit better, but now we are doing these checks and afterwards we will decide whether to move him to the hospital for further checks just in case. So we are still in a phase of checking what is going on with the hip.

"The contusion and pain is on the hip and nothing else. So let's see what comes out of these checks here at the Medical Centre and maybe later in the hospital, if we decide to go to the hospital.

"The pain is getting a bit better compared to the huge pain when he crashed. So let's see."





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