Even at the height of his past controversies with Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez turned down the use of any bodyguards - and he certainly showed no apprehension in getting up close to the fans as he climbed into a public grandstand after victory in Sunday's German MotoGP!

After crossing the line to claim a stunning ninth successive Sachsenring victory, marshals beckoned the Repsol Honda rider to light some celebratory fireworks at turn one.

But spotting that the nearby grandstand was not fenced off, Marquez instead climbed over a tyre wall and up into the middle of the cheering fans!

"I stopped at the first corner. It looked like everything was prepared, but it was not like this!" Marquez said.

"I just stopped to say 'hello' to the fans, but then I saw that I was able to get inside the grandstand.

"So that was very nice to be in there with the fans. Then there was a problem to get out of the grandstand!"

Once back out of the grandstand, Marquez spotted a marshal wearing a Dani Pedrosa cap.

Marquez proudly held the hat in the air in tribute to his team-mate, who announced on Thursday he will retire at the end of the season.

"It was more special as when I was coming back to the bike one marshal had the #26 cap and so I took it and showed it to the fans because the real man of this weekend is Dani because we will miss him," he said.

Marquez, who now holds a 46-point world championship lead, then lit the fireworks before continuing on his slow down lap.


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