Jake Dixon began his second season in the Moto2 World Championship with a 20th to 14th ride on his Petronas debut in Qatar.

But one month on and the coronavirus outbreak means it's still unclear when grand prix racing will resume.

Dixon is currently waiting it out under lockdown conditions in the UK.

“Obviously it was really good to start the first round in Qatar, but it’s a shame that it came to an end after that," he said. "It was also a little strange not having the MotoGP riders there, but it was good to get racing again."

Until the 'green light' is given for round two, Dixon remains "at my home with my wife and my dog in the UK, where I’m normally based anyway, so that’s good. It is just about lockdown conditions here, some difficult times to deal with but I’m doing well.

"We can still go out but only for food and exercise. Apart from riding motorbikes I normally stay at home and train anyway - I’m lucky enough to have a gym at my house - so in some ways it’s actually not much different!

"The more people keep to the lockdown rules, the sooner we will go back to normal."

Praising his new Sepang team as "the best… it really is a dream to be a part of it", the former BSB title contender added that he keeps in touch with them via "weekly video calls… it’s become a really good group in just the short time that we’ve been together. I hope they stay safe and I can’t wait until we can all meet up in the flesh again.”

Dixon has also been keeping in touch with the fans, via PlayStation games and social media.

“It’s just good fun to have a few MotoGP races with them," he said of the PS4. "I’ve also been doing some Instagram Live sessions... I like to have this kind of conversation with the fans because normally we are not able to do it during the season.”

Should fans be looking for more ways to occupy their time indoors, Dixon recommends: "Watching old races, because there’s definitely some good ones to watch again, and you can spend hours watching them!

"Just stay safe and stay strong – hopefully we’ll be back racing soon.”