More footage of Valentino Rossi’s first Formula 1 test in almost a decade has been released by Monster, including an onboard video of The Doctor in the Mercedes W08 car.

Nine-time motorcycle world champion Rossi took part in a ride swap with Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton at Valencia last week, giving him the chance to sample the car that took Hamilton to the world championship in 2017.

It marked Rossi’s first running in an F1 car since 2010, when he tried out a 2008-spec Ferrari car.

Rossi impressed everyone with his approach and application behind the wheel of the Mercedes, echoing much of the talent he showed back in the mid-2000s when a switch into F1 with Ferrari was mooted.

Mercedes F1 strategy chief James Vowles said Rossi was “meticulous” during the test, which he reportedly ended just 1.5 seconds shy of Hamilton’s benchmark lap time.

You can watch the newly-released video from Monster above.

The test also saw Hamilton try his hand on a Yamaha MotoGP bike, marking the Briton’s most extensive running on a motorcycle to date. He had previously tested a Superbike at Jerez in 2018, and has always professed how much he is a fan of MotoGP.

The crossover test ended with Hamilton and Rossi both praising each other for their performances, giving hope that there could be more events like this in the future.

Rossi's running on four wheels did not end with the test at Valencia, as the Italian took part in the Gulf 12 Hours sports car race a few days later, recording a class victory and overall podium in Abu Dhabi.



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